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Winter Weather and Joint Pain

How to Ease Joint Pain During Winter Weather

It is common in the winter months for those with joint pain to experience an increase in pain or to be prone to more accidents, such as slip and falls or snow shoveling injuries that lead to future lingering issues. Although this can be quite uncomfortable and halt day-to-day activities, the good news is that this pain can be alleviated. Here at Infinite Healing Center, we do just that.

Read on to learn more about joint pain in the winter, and how to relieve this pain.

Why Do My Joints Hurt During Winter?

There are a few reasons that joint pain can increase in cold weather. One is due to barometric pressure changes. This lighter atmospheric weight can cause an expansion in the tissues in your joints, causing further pain. Your joint nerves also experience increased sensitivity and an increase in joint fluid, making it harder to freely move your joints, creating stiffness and creaks.

How Can I Help My Winter Joint Pain?

If you have persistent joint pain that increases in the cold weather, or if you are experiencing newer pain due to a winter slip and fall, you can get help. Wearing layers of warm clothes should help your body stay warm and protect your joints from the shock of cold weather. By staying at a healthy weight and working out regularly, you will also decrease the amount of stress and strain on your joints.

If you still are experiencing joint discomfort, a chiropractor may be able to help. By receiving chiropractic adjustments in the area(s) that you are experiencing pain, joint pressure and pain can be relieved. Professionals can also help you in overall health by providing nutritional counseling and exercises to increase motion in your joints that hurt.

Relieve Winter Joint Pain with Help from a Chiropractor

If you are experiencing aching joints in this winter weather, our east valley chiropractor can help. Infinite Healing Center in Mesa, AZ, has experience in aiding people with pain in their joints and can do the same for you. Call us at (480) 985-7070 or request an appointment online today for relief.


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