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"I feel fortunate to have found Dawn.  Feeling incredible pain in my hands from carpal-tunnel syndrome coupled with severe arthritic neck pain prompted me to seek out a solution other then surgery or drugs.  After just two visits with Dawn, my hands no longer hurt.  I didn't feel pain when gripping the steering wheel or holding onto things.  My fingers did not feel swollen and hot.  And my neck pain disappeared.  Before treatment, my neck felt stiff, tight and sore all the time.  Now it feels relaxed.  It is absollutely amazing.  I am still seeing Dawn to keep the symptoms at bay and for treatment in other areas which is also going beautifully.  I highly recommend acupuncture and Dawn to administer it!  She is kind, knowledgable, and fantastic at what she does."

Stacey S.



Wow!  Three months ago I came in for my first treatment with the help of a walker because my pain was so strong in my body and low back area.  Very soon after a series of acupuncture appointments I left the walker in the garage and a more normal life pain free is in my future. 
Your special attention, devotion and knowledge has helped to forge a more pain free life style once again.  The card says "Infinite Healing Center" and that is a very true statement since I've also had the benefit of the other team members too. 
You are an important part of my wellness now and in the future.  I am very grateful to you for your thoughfulness and will seek to have you continue with all my follow-up care.
R.C.  Mesa, Az


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