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Success Stories

Infinite Wellness Center Success Stories

What a great facility! I have visited The Infinite Healing Center several times now and they have done a truly excellent job for me. I went in with a slipped rib and they diagnosed, treated and fully resolved my pain. I have been to another chiropractor in the past and they were not able to help me nearly as much as Infinite Healing! They offer chiropractic care, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Pilates and Yoga, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture and hCG weight loss. You will be amazed how good a chiropractic adjustment will make you feel (more energy, relieves stress and headaches, etc). The facility is beautiful and you will feel totally relaxed there. It is nice to know that your care is what is most important to the doctors and staff. You can't put websites in the review but I suggest you check out their website at

Grant C.

"I've been treated by Infinite Healing's stellar doctor's, massage therapists and staff for about 2 and a half years now! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my physical well-being. They are the best office and staff in the valley and are well worth the drive over."

Jill B.

"My left leg and thigh were hurting so bad I could hardly bend it. After therapy it was much better and I can bend it with less pain!"

Katherine D.

"Emmalee's massage relaxed and reduced the pain I was having in my ankle and leg. She was indeed a real professional. I gladly recommend this facility and Emallee especially."

Harriott P.

When I called to inquire about doctor and setting up my first appointment, Dr. Rodriguez answered the phone. I was nervous about that, wondering if this was a mom and pop operation. Also, not having been to a chiropractor for over 20 years I wasn't sure what to expect. Much to my surprise I lucked out in my decision to choose Dr. Rodriguez from a list of 30 or so doctors. The brand new office is very nice and modern. Not only does Dr. Rodriguez make you feel comfortable but the staff do as well -- Krystal, Jennifer, JJ, etc. The adjustments, Pilates and massages have increased my range-of-motion and have relieved the pressure I had been experiencing. I am pleased with the results and plan to return for preventive health care.

Christina P.

"I have enjoyed my visits for Chiropractic and Pilates, I leave feeling refreshed every time! I like the different things that have helped me strengthen my back. The Pilates stretches me and I feel good after."

Joann M.

"Amazing staff! Everyone is so helpful and concerned with reducing people's pain and feeling better. I always feel good coming here- Thank You!"

Ellen C.

"I am a functional person. The "whole person" approach of therapy is allowing me to progress rather than just surviving. They strengthening to prevent recurrences of problems rather than provide a shert term solution. Thanks."


"Emmalle and JJ have been fantastic in helping me attempt to achieve pain free shoulder motion. Thank you to everyone!"

Brian G.

"I love you guys! You are my one stop wellness shop. Thanks so much."


"I had been suffering from extreme Restless Leg Syndrome for the past several years. I became a patient of Dr. Rodriguez in January. I have been able to discontinue some of my medication and the symptoms are 90% better. Thank you, Dr. Rodriguez!"

Jerry W., visitor from Carroll, Iowa.

"If I am in pain and don't have an appointment they do their best so squeeze me in when I need it."

Robert W.

When I first went to Infinite Healing Center, I had migraines and dizziness every day. I started seeing the chiropractor and within two short weeks, the headaches and dizziness were gone! The staff is professional and extremely friendly! I have experienced the many different therapies at Infinite Healing. Acupuncture has helped me with many different ailments. The massage therapists are all wonderful! Working one on one with the Pilates instructor has helped strengthen my body and my spirit. Dr. Rodriguez is a great chiropractor. Each employee that I have had experiences with truly cares about me and my health. It is rare to find a doctor's office where they don't make you wait forever and then push you out quickly. Infinite Healing has never made me wait or made me feel like I was being rushed out when I was seeing the doctor. I love going to Infinite Healing Center and recommend them to anyone and everyone I talk to. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a naturopath doctor, a Pilates instructor or a place for a great massage- head over to Infinite Healing center. You will be glad you made the trip!

Stacie L.


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