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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated At Infinite Healing Center in Mesa, AZ

For those who suffer from chronic pain, it can be hard to work and not be distracted from day to day activities. A chiropractor at Infinite Healing Center in Mesa, AZ can help ease that pain. Below is some more information on the conditions we treat.

Chiropractor treating patient for back pain
Conditions We Treat

We treat a variety of conditions. These conditions include fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, back and neck pain, disc issues, migraines and headaches, shoulder pain, foot pain, and injuries from automobile accidents. Below is some more information about the more common conditions we treat.

Fibromyalgia - Fibromyalgia causes tenderness and pain to be felt in your soft tissues or muscles. Although there is no known cause for fibromyalgia, symptoms can appear after a life changing stressful event, infection, surgery, or physical trauma. A variety of chiropractic treatments can help alleviate the pain of this condition.

Sciatica - Sciatica is pain from your lower back down to your legs. The sciatica nerve, located in your lower back, hips, and buttocks area, can cause pain from a variety of conditions. These conditions include age, sitting for long periods of time, and obesity. Contact our East Valley area chiropractors for a consultation today.

Auto Related InjuriesAuto related injuries we treat are whiplash, pain in the shoulder and neck, numbness, headaches, vertigo, and sprains. Come in to our Gilbert area office to get the pain relief you need to move on with your life. 

ArthritisOsteoarthritis is a well-known disease of the joints. Arthritis is an inflammation that causes swelling and pain in the joint area. Massage and physical therapy can help with the painful symptoms of arthritis. 

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

Type of Treatments Offered for Common Conditions

There are different treatment plans we have, based on our initial diagnosis of your pain. Our integrative medicine methods include massage therapy, acupuncture, natural and physical medicine, and chiropractic physical therapy.

Chiropractic physical therapy involves adjusting the spine to realign the spine and neck. This can alleviate and eliminate a variety of pain associated with the issues above. Please stop by our Chandler area office to speak with one of our specialists so we can develop a treatment plan just for you.

Specialized Treatments

Other integrative medicine based treatments we also offer are stem cell therapy, physiotherapy, PRP therapy, spinal decompression, and MSK diagnostic ultrasound. Please contact us to discuss what type of treatment plan will work best for you and your condition.

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Feel free to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor to get pain relief today. Visit us at Infinite Healing Center, 2509 S Power Rd #115, Mesa, AZ 85209. We are also near Chandler and Gilbert. You can also call (480) 985-7070.


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