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Take Control of your Joint Pain with our $47 Consultation, includes the 1st and 2nd Exam. A $499 Value!

Consultation Includes:
Full History of Condition
Explanation of Contributing Factors
Complete Body Evaluation
Injured Joint Evaluation
Digital Imaging (X-Ray, Posture Evaluation)
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Lower Back Pain: At Infinite Healing Center, we offer tailored treatments for lower back pain, helping you find relief and move freely.
Neck Pain: We offer specialized care and treatments to alleviate discomfort and restore neck function for improved well-being.
Knee Pain: 
Infinite Healing Center specializes in knee pain management, providing tailored treatments to improve your quality of life.
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About Us

Welcome to Infinite Healing Center, where our approach to healthcare differs from conventional medicine. Rather than solely focusing on treating diseases after they occur, we prioritize improving your overall health to prevent pain and illness from arising in the first place.
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Personalized Approach
At Infinite Healing Center, we prioritize your individual needs and goals. We offer a tailored approach to wellness, crafting personalized programs and utilizing techniques that best suit your specific requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your unique health situation and providing customized solutions.
Preventative Focus
Unlike conventional medicine that primarily focuses on treating diseases after they occur, we emphasize preventive care. By promoting proactive measures to improve your overall health and well-being, we aim to minimize the risk of pain and illness before they arise. Our comprehensive approach helps you take charge of your health and maintain optimal well-being.
Integrative Services
We offer a wide range of services under one roof, incorporating various healing modalities and treatments. From acupuncture, aesthetics, and regenerative medicine to physical medicine and allergy testing, our integrated approach ensures that you have access to diverse options for your health and wellness journey. Our holistic services work in synergy to address your needs comprehensively.

Our Patients Happy Say About Us

Desiree Chandler
Desiree Chandler
Dr. B, Shane & the staff at IHC are superb!
Sara Weimer
Sara Weimer
I love the staff at infinite healing center, they are so amazing. Dr.Rodgriguez is amazing and is attentive like all of his staff
Connie Brunnmeier
Connie Brunnmeier
Akways the best quality care and exceptional staff members.
Eric Evans
Eric Evans
Dr Rodriguez and team keep turning back the clock when i can't believe it is possible. After neglecting myself for a year, i couldn't sleep sure to major neck pain, and i had a shoulder injury. After less than 3 months my neck barely bothers me at all, and my shoulder is improving and has significantly more mobility. Thanks Infinite Healing!!!
Christine Slater
Christine Slater
This is the best place to go if you want to feel better! Cannot recommend this place enough! Chiropractors can help with much more than back and neck issues. I was having debilitating acid reflux for over 3 months, to the point of having to sleep sitting up, having to stop working out, and not being able to eat most of the foods that I enjoyed eating. I was completely miserable. I had appointment after appointment with 2 different GI doctors and had almost every possible medical test done related to GI issues. They found nothing wrong. I had been to different chiropractors throughout my life so decided to consult Google to search for a chiropractor near me. That is how I found this gem! They have the best reviews for a reason. After just one appointment with Dr Bhatka I felt better than I had in months. He really listened to everything I had told him about my acid reflux saga and found the real issue. I was treated with some chiropractic adjustment as well as stim therapy. I learned a lot about muscle fascia which was the culprit and some easy ways to loosen it up myself. After a couple of visits with Dr Bhatka I also started seeing Lena for acupuncture to treat acid reflux and stress. After each visit with both, I felt even better. After 1 week of treatment, I was able to sleep in a normal sleeping position. After about 2 weeks I was back to running and working out. After 3 weeks I am able to sleep, workout, and eat whatever I want while taking no acid reflux meds. I have no acid reflux, zero! This place changed my life. Dr Bhatka and Lena are THE BEST! Thank you both so much! I feel like a new and improved person :)
ANGIE Cordell
ANGIE Cordell
Staff is super friendly and they always say your name when you come in, makes you feel so welcome. The doctor was great and really takes his time explaining everything. Will tell anyone and everyone to come here!! My daughter had cupping done for the first time and the tech was amazing!! Really made her feel comfortable.

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At Infinite Healing Center, we are fully dedicated to providing solutions to address your unique needs. This personal care is why people throughout the Mesa area come to Infinite Healing Center.
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