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Success Stories

Success Stories at Infinite Healing Center

Lost 30lbs in 6 weeks!

meesha1.jpg6_09_053.JPGMeesha's life struggle with weight loss began her journey with hCGat our clinic inMay 2009. She has since been living a new life!

Meesha has regained the self confidence and hope that she needed to continue tostrive toward her health and wellnessgoals. She has been successfully keeping her weight off and has been enjoying a life filled withhealthy food,movement and positive thinking!

Meeshawas featured June 30, 2009on Fox 10 News and is very brave for allowing IHC and local Arizonians the opportunity to be a part of her personal journey.

Thank you Meesha for being a motivation and inspirationfor women to change and never give up!

Total inches lost: 17! 8 inches just in waist!!!!!


Down another 25lbs!

After her amazing success with her first round of HCG, Meesha decided to do another round to continue toward her ultimate goal of being back to her high school weight!

One year later Meesha has been maintaining her 55lb weight loss and continues to lose her remaining 10lbs with exercise,nutrition andsupport from our staff at IHC!

She looks Awesome!

Lost 35lbs in 6 weeks!

hcg pix2_1.jpghcg pix1_1.jpg

Look at this transformation.



25lbs in 6 weeks!

Colecame to IHC looking to lose 20lbs to help withimproving hersports performance and alleviate some pressure from her keens. After 6 weeksCole lost 25lbs and has been feeling great and able to maintain her health routine with exercise and athletic drive!

21lbs in 6 weeks!



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