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Infinite Healing Center in Mesa, AZ Explains Sciatica

If you have pain in your lower back, especially if it extends down your legs, you may have a condition known as sciatica. This particular condition causes pain and discomfort, but you can find relief through chiropractic care provided by Infiniti Healing Center, serving Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and the rest if the East Valley area. Through integrative medicine, you can begin to live your life as usual once again.

Woman suffering from sciatica
What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a term that refers to pain along the sciatic nerve. The pain and other nerve-related symptoms can travel down the entire sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back to your hips and buttocks. The nerve extends down each leg as well. While initially your symptoms may only be mild, as they progress, the condition can affect your job and life in general.

Symptoms of Sciatica

The most recognizable symptom of sciatica is pain that radiates from the lower portion of your back to your hips and thighs. The pain might also go through your calf. In addition to the pain, you might have tingling, burning, numbness, or muscle weakness along the path of the nerve. Sometimes, you'll feel an electric shock sensation when you sneeze, cough, or sit for prolonged periods of time. In most cases, you only feel symptoms on one side of your body, but it's possible to feel symptoms on both.

Typically, the symptoms are mild and go away over time. However, sometimes, it causes damage to the nerve that's permanent. In the most severe of cases, you might have a total loss of feeling in one of your legs or a loss of bladder or bowel function. 

Causes of Sciatica

Some of the main causes of sciatica include a herniated disc, bone spur, diabetes, or pregnancy. Certain factors increase your risk of developing sciatica such as the following:

  • Age
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Sitting for prolonged periods of time
  • Obesity
  • Occupation

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Integrative medicine from a chiropractor takes a full-body approach to healing. Through treatments like spinal decompression, spinal alignments, and lifestyle changes, a chiropractor can help reduce your pain and other symptoms.

Chiropractic care also provides you with a long-term solution to improve your health. The treatments provided at a chiropractic clinic are natural and work with your body to target the root of the problem. Unlike pain relievers, your body can't become addicted to chiropractic treatments. In addition to standard treatments and exercises, a chiropractor can also supply you with lifestyle advice to reduce your pain and even prevent injuries in the future.

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